All Seasons: 15 years strong

If you’ve watched us over the years, you’ve probably noticed the flower arrangement on our set. It’s there every day, rain or shine, no matter the season. They come from All Seasons Floral and Gifts, who happen to be celebrating 15 years in Ishpeming.

We sent our very own, Rick Tarsitano, to check out their operation and find out how they’ve blossomed into a staple in the community.

Karen Collins opened her doors in 1998, not knowing what to expect. image(7)

“When we first opened, we were nervous, of course, about starting a new business and how many customers we’d have. But, it’s been wonderful. The traffic, being in this location, has been so positive,” explained Collins, the owner of All Seasons Floral and Gifts.

Even though they’re a bit off the beaten path, they’ve been embraced by the community. And true to their character, they’ve returned the favor.

“If somebody comes in and they’ve got either medical problems or somebody’s died, we’re the first ones to give them a hug, and say what can we do to help you. And we’re also the ones who are singing and cheering when somebody’s made it through cancer and they’ve survived,” Collins added.

Collins has experienced those ups and downs first hand. Her grandson was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months, and now he has an autoimmune disease attacking his brain. It’s a very expensive situation, so she helps pay for the little things that aid in his learning process and make him feel like any other kid.

“A bike, his first bike. We saved up the money and got him his first bike, a handicapped bike so that it’s safer for him. We have one gentleman that comes in every other day to buy a flower for the cemetery and he puts a dollar in every time. But he’s just a customer. He’s not related. He doesn’t know me anymore than just coming into the shop. And he says here’s a dollar for Nicklaus,” said Collins.

That type of rapport has grown over the years. From laying fresh flowers on graves for people who can’t be there year round, to perennially donating truckloads of bouquets for charities big and small. They even go to schools to teach kids about flowers and give them one to take home to mom. From one family to another.image(6)

“We’re more like a family; even all the girls working for me. They’re not related, my sister’s related, but most of them are just friends that have come so close. We’re a close family,” Collins remarked.

Collins’ store is more like a home than a place of business, with company stopping in almost every day. Each visiting houseguest makes the shop bloom into something special.

“We really do want to thank all of our customers. We’ve been here now 15 years, and without them we wouldn’t be here,” finished Collins.