Michigan looks to Marquette for Historic Preservation

Marquette is playing host to Michigan’s 33rd Annual Statewide Preservation Conference.

It is just the second time the U.P. has hosted the statewide conference, and the first to be held west of Mackinac Island. This year’s theme is “Ingredients of Place,” and Michigan’s Historic Preservation Network is a big fan of all the components that make up Marquette.

“This is a stunning community. Architecturally, it’s absolutely stunning. There is a distinctive look in this community that is not matched by any other community in the state. I’m hoping this conference, by being here, is going to broadcast that a little bit further, and that more people will come up here and explore,” lauded Janet Kreger, a founding member of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network from Lansing.

The convention acts as an educational hub for placemaking, which incorporates planning, design and management of public spaces. Michigan’s Historic Preservation Network believes there is a lot to be gleaned from Marquette’s preservation efforts.

“There are things here to emulate; the health of your downtown. I know every downtown has its issues, but we, as outsiders coming in, see the health of the downtown. We see a lot of activity on the street. You’ve done some really incredible things with the residential areas of the city as well. And I’m not just speaking of Arch and Ridge streets, but so much more,” Kreger added.

The conference runs through this Saturday with everything from historic building tours to silent auctions.

You can find out more about the conference and how to join the Michigan Historic Preservation Network on their website at www.mhpn.org.