Mqt. County election results official

Whenever an election comes around, any returns that you may see on Election Day itself are only unofficial.

They still have to be officially certified.

Boards of canvassers do that job.

Marquette County’s canvassers met Wednesday afternoon to certify the results of Tuesday’s elections.

Four volunteers join the county clerk on the five–member board.

“We have, basically, three parts to an election,” Marquette County Clerk Peter Dishnow said, “the part before the election, which is done by the clerks themselves — setting up the election, getting the ballots, testing the equipment, things like that — then they have Election Day when the precinct workers process voters, and the last part is the Board of Canvassers.”

So, with the May election in the books, the next one is on August 6th.

A school district has already given Dishnow notice that its operational millage will be on that ballot.

“Right now, Marquette Area Schools, MAPS people, have filed their ballot reading for a proposal in August,” Dishnow said.

A public organization that wants to have an issue appear on the August ballot needs to file its official language by the end of this month.