Pure Michigan ads are back

The Pure Michigan advertising campaign has helped the state’s tourism industry a great deal in the last several years, and the ads are back for another season.

The national TV ads started airing around the country several weeks ago.

Regional ads in several different forms of media have just come out this week.

The ads include billboards and a Chicago tour bus featuring Marquette Harbor, billboards for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and many other locations.

“There’s 35 of us destinations in the state,” Pat Black of the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau said. “We now are kicking into the regional marketing that’s going on, and those are selected states bordering Michigan.”

The Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the people behind Pure Michigan, could soon show off the athletic amenities that the area offers.

“We’re talking with them next week,” Black said. “They’re going to start a sports destination marketing campaign, and I’ve signed Marquette up to be a part of that.”

The bureau has once again bought ads in several NFL team yearbooks, including the Packers and Lions.

They’ve also bought space in several Major League Baseball team yearbooks, including the Tigers and Brewers.