Celebrating National Teacher’s Day

May 7 is National Teacher’s Day in the United States.  To celebrate teachers and educators, adults and children told ABC 10 who their favorite teacher is, and why.

Danielle Solensky, a fourth grader, said her favorite teacher is Miss Miller.

“She’s always so much fun, and stuff.  We would always do a lot of art projects,” Solensky said.

Jill LaMere, a retired teacher, said jokingly that she was her favorite teacher.  She added that her favorite teacher from when she was younger was her second grade teacher.  “Her name was Mrs. Cross, and and she was everything but cross.  She was so nice, so warm and so welcoming.  She inspired me to become a teacher myself,” she said.

“In the fifth grade, I had Mr. Sarisen,” Sam Carter, a student at Marquette Senior High School said.  “He was really an inspiring teacher to me because he taught in a way that other teachers haven’t.”

Carter said that he could really connect with students, even though all of the students were very young.

“He treated us like equals.  I thought that was very important in the classroom,” she said.

Marianne Nezich, another student at Marquette Senior High School, said two two teachers that are important to her are her choir teacher and play director.

“They’re really passionate about what they do, and they love to promote the arts in schools,” she said.

Lieutenant Jeff Green, a Marquette Fire Inspector, said he’s been fortunate to have many great teachers.  “Even at my age, I’m still learning from teachers,” he said.  “But probably the one that influenced me the most was a gentleman named Curt Bannister, when I was in junior high.”

“He was a history teacher, and he actually sparked enough of an interest in history that that was my minor at Northern,” Green added. “He made a very boring topic interesting, and and he was just a great guy.”