Budget disccused by Mqt. City Commission

The Marquette City Commission gathered today for a special budget meeting Tuesday morning in the Commission Chambers.

The Commission has been focusing more on budget concerns the past few meetings, and discussing what changes could be made to better Marquette County.  Several goals have been outlined for this coming year.

“We’ll continue to explore grant opportunities, we’ve been fortunate with that to cultivate a positive attitude about downtown, and continue to cultivate that positive attitude and expand promotion for both downtown and the city,” Mona Lang, from the Marquette Downtown Development Authority said.

Discussion on the recent parking fund analysis and parking management plan was also on the agenda.

The board is looking to implement parking recommendations, such as expansion of the metering system and a possible change in parking meter rates.

With the success of Rail Jam, an event held earlier this year, the committee also plans to bring more new events to Marquette.  New events could include an Oktoberfest–like event on Baraga Avenue.