Great Lakes on the streets of Marquette

The upcoming Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities conference will have a fitting banner sprinkled throughout the downtown area.

The City of Marquette will host the conference for the first time ever, and they want to dress the streets for the big occasion.

“Mayors from all over the Great Lakes are coming to Marquette for this really special conference. We want to show them we love the Great Lakes by putting the cutouts everywhere. That’s why we chose the cutouts. They’re kind of loved. We’ve had Model-T cutouts, hockey skates, and people seem to really enjoy them. So we thought, ‘Why not Great Lakes?” explained Tiina Harris, Arts & Culture Community Services Manager.

The plywood cutouts of all five Great Lakes will hang from streetlights in preparation for the June 19th conference. They’ve already been painted, but are still in need of decoration. You can pick one up for your family or local business free of charge and show off your creative side.

“Anybody, any age; professional artist, amateur; never painted in your life, you want to mosaic it, quilt it, you can do whatever you want with this Great Lake as long as it’s pretty and says what lake it is,” Harris added.

If you want to pick a lake or you’re looking for a place to decorate it, the Marquette Arts and Culture Club is the place to be. They are located in the basement of the Peter White Public Library and have many artistic options to choose from.