Insurance company donates to schools

An insurance company that has been an advocate for education has freed up one of its buildings and donated various items to the Marquette Area Public Schools.

Changes are being made within State Farm, and the company is getting rid of its Marquette claims office.

But the desks, the cabinets, the furniture and some electronic equipment left in the building are being put to good use.

“State Farm is making a lot of changes within the company, focusing more on the customer,” State Farm insurance agent Rod Lizak said. “Part of that has allowed us to free up a facility worth of furniture, desks and such, that being as community-minded as State Farm is, donated it to Marquette Area Public Schools.”

The State Farm agency is very pleased to be lending a helping hand to a local community.

“With the amount of furniture that we have, I’m very happy that we were able to help out the local school system with it,” Lizak said. “it’s just a good use of the equipment, it’s a good use of the furniture as opposed to sitting in a warehouse somewhere, so it’s very, very good for our community.”

State Farm agents in the area are actively involved in the community and developed a close relationship with the Marquette Area Public Schools prior to the donation.