‘Empty Bowls’ help fight hunger

The fight against hunger is an ongoing one across the country.

On Wednesday, with the help of some artwork, donations, and school-wide team work, there was an effort to eliminate that problem in Marquette County.

North Star Academy of Marquette held it’s seventh annual Empty Bowls fundraising event.  The fundraiser serves as a reminder that not everyone has a full bowl to go home to.

“They sit down, and it’s just a simple meal.  And when they leave, they get to take a handmade bowl with them.  We made bowls out of paper mache and melted crayons, plaster and all sorts of stuff,” Savannah Berthiaume said.  “It’s to remind everybody that we’re lucky that we have food, and we can go home and we have a house and clothes.  But there are people all over the world and even here in our own city and they don’t have anything.”

For a donation of $10, a meal of soup and bread was provided.

All proceeds from the fundraiser go to Room at the Inn and Operation Aoy, two Upper Michigan non–profit organizations.