Updated U.P. flooding information

Please note the beige-yellow banner at the top of the page, titled ‘CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST FLOODING INFORMATION’ to find the county-by-county weather warnings.  This information will be updated throughout the day.

Emergency preparedness officials are reminding residents that flooding can cause serious health hazards if appropriate steps are not taken to protect people and the environment.

Precautions during and after a flooding event:
• Do not drive or walk through floodwaters. The water can be deeper than it appears. As little as two feet of water can cause a car to be swept away.  Floodwaters as shallow as six inches can knock a person off their feet.

• If you believe floodwaters will invade your home, move all chemicals (such as pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, etc.) and store them in waterproof containers above flood levels.

• Wear gloves and boots at all times to avoid skin contact with anything that has
been contaminated by floodwaters.

• Children should never be allowed to play in floodwaters.

• If your well has been flooded, assume the water in your home has been

• Any of the following food items, exposed to flood waters, must be disposed of:
o Food items in your refrigerator and freezer.
o All boxed foods such as cereals, etc.
o All bottled drinks and products in jars, including home preserves, since the
area under the seal of the jars and bottles cannot be properly disinfected.
o All medicines, cosmetics, and other toiletries.

• If your home has been flooded, do not attempt to turn the power back on until all
wiring is inspected by an electrician.