Workers Memorial Day Sunday

In a show of support for working families, and their lost loved ones, the Marquette County Labor Council has scheduled a rally and memorial event Sunday. The Group’s representative, Mike Thibault says they are calling “for good jobs and safe jobs
for all working people.”

Thibault is the President of the Marquette County Labor Council.  He says the event will be held Sunday at 3:00 p.m.  He says working families, faith leaders and local officials will gather at Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum for a rally and vigil to commemorate those who have perished or suffered injuries or illness on the job, and call on Congress to create safe jobs for all working people.

“In workplaces across America, workers continue to be exposed to toxic chemicals like asbestos and safety hazards such as unguarded machinery.  Participants will note that while the Obama administration has moved forward to strengthen protections with
tougher enforcement, business groups and Republican legislators are trying to roll back regulations and block new safeguards, ” he says.

The event will be held at the Cliffs Shaft Mining Museum, 105 W. Euclid St., Ishpeming.