‘Spamalot’ coming to Negaunee

If you or someone you know is looking to enjoy comedy and laugh at British humor, the latest production by the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council might be perfect for you.

PAAC is putting on ‘Spamalot’, a remix of the movie ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’.  The film and play are about Monty Python searching for the Grail and all the craziness that occurs.

‘It’s definitely a spoof the Arthurian legend, so it’s not a very serious play,” Brian Sundberg said, who plays multiple roles in the play.  “It’s comedy galore, puns, funny things that happen on stage…it’s just laugh a minute.”

There is a cast of 20 actors for the play.  Many actors will have multiple roles, which can be challenging, but fun at the same time.

“This one of those shows the directors like to do, because it’s a full scale comedy that give a lot of roles for a lot of different people,” Al Keefer, Executive Director of PAAC and director of ‘Spamalot’ said.  “And those shows are fun for actors to do, but it’s also fun to direct.”

Performances of ‘Spamalot’ will be June 6-8 and June 13-15 at the Vista Theater in Negaunee.  Tickets will be on sale soon.  They are $12 for adults, and $8 for students.