Students honored for academic excellence

Students and teachers from school districts in Marquette and Alger Counties were recognized Monday night.  The Great Lakes Center for Youth Development held their 20th Annual Excellence in Education Awards.

Students in the top five percent of their class were each awarded $1,500 scholarships.  Their parents were in attendance, and so were influential educator’ who have played a roll in the students’ education.

Teachers were given $500 for a Professional Development Award to use for various tools in the classroom.

Michelle L’Huillier, a kindergarten teacher at Superior Hills Elementary School in Marquette was awarded a grant to attend a Yoga Calm class.  The yoga classes teach students self–awareness skills, and her knowledge will be shared with other teachers.

All school districts from Marquette and Alger Counties were represented: 47 students were awarded Academic Achievement Awards.  There were 25 teachers were given Professional Development Awards.

The awards banquet kicks off Excellence in Education Week.  It is designed to recognize academic achievements of students, and the performance of educators.  During the week, businesses will join schools to promote and celebrate educational excellence and quality.