Women for Women hosts exclusive film screening

The Women for Women Club at NMU obtained the rights to host a screening of an exclusive film last night.

“Girl Rising” sheds light on the growing injustice for women’s education throughout the world. Women for Women joined the social action campaign to build worldwide support to educate girls everywhere and help spread their message.

“One person can make a difference,” remarked Lauren Somogyi, the student who spearheaded the film’s appearance at NMU.

“Showing people the facts and really getting it out there that educating women is really helping the entire population of the world. That it’s something for humanity. Educating people on that fact is a powerful thing,” commented Hailey Schroeder, a member of Women for Women.

The film features 9 stories from 9 girls in different countries across the world where women’s rights have stripped them of an education. An award winning team of former ABC News journalists, an academy award nominated director, and 9 acclaimed actresses like Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, all contributed to the documentary. Last night’s audience took the initiative to heart.

“Seeing how much girls value their education really stuck out to me. I think our generation doesn’t really value it as much as they do. Walking away from it, I want to appreciate going to class. I want to appreciate putting hours into studying because I think we take it for granted, a lot, ” reflected Jenelle Pelletier, the future President of Women for Women.

You can join the campaign and help get the word out by hosting a screening of the film. Information on how to do that can be found at www.girlrising.com.