‘Ask the DNR’ on WNMU-TV tonight


“Ask the DNR” returns to WNMU-TV Channel 13 in the Upper Peninsula Thursday, April 18, at 8 p.m. (EDT). The show will focus on the trout fishing opener, changes to fishing regulations for 2013, spring wildlife activity, and wildfire prevention.

The hour-long program features a panel of Department of Natural Resources employees taking questions from viewers who call in during the live show to 800-227-9668. Questions are answered live on the show; any questions not answered before the end of the episode will be answered by phone call to the viewer.

The episode will feature conservation officer Jerry Fitzgibbon from Alger County, wildlife biologist Monica Joseph from Crystal Falls, fisheries biologist Darren Kramer from Escanaba and fire specialist Celeste Chingwa from Marquette.

The episode is sponsored by the Central Upper Peninsula Sport Fishing Association.

“Ask the DNR” is produced five times a year on WNMU-TV 13, the public television station in Marquette. It is aired live on public television stations throughout the Upper Peninsula and northeastern Wisconsin and typically replays the following day at noon. Please consult local television listings to confirm replay times for the program.