Boston Tragedy…is the U.P. prepared?

The country has been glued to screens in the past day – watching the horrific events unfold at the Boston Marathon.  Today, we watch and listen as police, medical and emergency personnel provide updates on the injured and the investigation into the bombs.

The internet, twitter, facebook and traditional television carried constant coverage.
We don’t yet know who is responsible for the senseless attack that killed three and injured dozens upon dozens of people.  But, we do know that without the quick action by emergency personnel – it could have been worse.

It’s hard to watch the video of the attacks without wondering what emergency preparations are in place in Upper Michigan.  Agencies across the U.P routinely hold mock disasters to be able to coordinate and cooperate actions and reactions.  Tonight on ABC 10 News Now at 5:30 p.m. to hear from the professionals who are in place to react to an emergency.  Find out what procedures are in place, what they want local residents to do in a disaster or emergency situation, and where we should turn for accurate information.

Marquette resident Tracy Lokken  finished the Boston Marathon Monday with a time of  2:22.

Marquette resident Tracy Lokken finished the Boston Marathon Monday with a time of 2:22.

As the events of the twin bombs sinks in, people in Upper Michigan are thankful that four runners from the Marquette area appear to have stayed safe.  At least three of them completing the race.  Facebook erupted with cheers for Tracy Lokken who finished with a time of 2:22:37.  He placed 31st overall  and 1st place among 45-49 year old males.

Other Marquette residents and their times, according to the Boston Athletic Association, are: Bill Sved 3:53:21, Richard Anderson  4:02:25 and Barbara Trudeau  2:04:01 (half way time; complete race time unavailable.)