Legally Blonde – on stage at NMU

The Forest Roberts Theater is setting the stage for a Golden Globe nominated film turned musical.

“Legally Blonde” will stay true to its roots, rehashing the story of a college sorority girl’s “fish out of water” experience at Harvard Law School. But unlike the motion picture, there will be a lot more singing and dancing.


From the Silver Screen to NMU Stage

“Oh, she totally knows her stuff. Jill is on the choreography thing. I don’t dance at all. They don’t want me dancing, I promise you,” chuckled Patrick Leo Bradley who plays Emmett Forrest in the production.

“We’ve been working on it for over two months and we definitely needed the time,” laughed Susan Boyle who plays Elle Woods.

Jill Grundstrom’s choreography is both physically demanding and logistically complex. The shear size of the cast leaves little room for error.

The collaborative effort incorporates stylized lighting, a variety of costumes, and synchronized sound from the board to a pit of live musicians. The cast and crew totals over a hundred participants.

“My relatives stepped into a rehearsal last night and they were blown away by the amount of energy that was on the stage. Everyone brings such a positive attitude. It’s really great. And that’s not always the case with a cast,” Susan remarked.

Legally Blonde hits the stage at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and runs through Saturday with an additional matinee. Tickets are $5 for NMU students, $10 for other students and $15 for general public. They are available at all NMU EZ Ticket outlets.

For more information, contact the Forest Roberts Theater Box Office at 906-227-2553 or