Cleaning house with a Lone Wolf

Programs like the Lake Superior Community Partnership and the Better Business Bureau support local businesses and allow them to blossom into full fledge operations.

By providing a wide variety of affordable and effective development services, they help small outfits grow and in turn strengthen the U.P’s economy. The Lone Wolf Cleaning Company is no exception, proving a little help can go a long.

Kathy Howell comes from a long line of meticulous cleaners.

“My mother is the one who taught me how to clean. If I cleaned her house, it had to be done right or else she’d redo it and I felt really bad,” remembered Kathy Howell, owner of Lone Wolf Cleaning

Lone Wolf cleans houses big and small.

Kathy’s pedigree and work ethic speak volumes.

“When I had time to clean my house it was top to bottom, behind, and underneath. I like a very thorough job. Especially with having clients come over, it needs to be really clean. So that’s why I love Kathy. She does a really good job,” noted Daniele Miljour, owner of Daniele Carol Photography.

But not everyone can hear that message or see her cleaning prowess in action. That’s where the Lake Superior Community Partnership and Better Business Bureau come in. Their marketing power propelled Kathy into the local spotlight, and gave Lone Wolf Cleaning a steady stream of business.

“I just started making business cards and leaving them in different places. I’d get one or two calls, then most of my business came from word of mouth,” Kathy remarked.

Now the dusting dynamo can concentrate on her craft. Which is crucial because the Lone Wolf moniker is no coincidence.

“I tried to get my husband involved and he didn’t want to clean. I tried to get friends involved and they didn’t want to clean. So that’s where Lone Wolf came from. They are dedicated to their pack, and I like to think of my employees and my customers as my pack,” considered Kathy.

Her pack may lack strength in numbers but their perseverance and attention to detail makes all the difference.

“Nooks and crannies, corners, I am so particular about corners and edges of walls. I pride myself on getting behind registers and radiators, underneath beds, behind toilets, under the rims of toilets,” Kathy insisted.

The Better Business Bureau showed how proud they were, rewarding the Lone Wolf with an “A” rating.

That certification helps alleviate any concerns homeowners might have in allowing someone to navigate through their most precious belongings.

“At first, I was here the whole time. I was in the same room or the next room, and I’d watch what she did,” Daniele reminisced.

But now there’s a level of trust that goes beyond a business relationship. A friendship that is mutually beneficial, just like the one the Community Partnership and Business Bureau instilled in Kathy.

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