Mqt. harbor gets funding for dredging

The Marquette Harbor was skipped over in Governor Rick Snyder’s legislation for $21 million dollars for emergency dredging in Michigan’s harbors.

Now, the marina will receive the funding to be dredged this spring.  State Senators Tom Casperson and John Kivela worked together to secure funding for the marina.

The Marquette City Commission approved a resolution with the Department of Natural Resources for that funding at their meeting Monday night.

Commissioner Dan Ryan said that dredging will take place as soon as conditions allow, and the city has have already selected a contractor to do the dredging.  He said that Marquette’s harbor is important to the city and needed to be funded.  But, he did not know why Marquette was left off the original list of harbors to be dredged.

The commission also had a public hearing about six sign ordinances for the city.  Each commissioner had different inputs and suggestions, mainly concerned with how the ordinances would affect downtown and Third Street.

They decided to have a work session and special meeting to further discuss the ordinances, and did not pass or approve them at the meeting.