MASTERS Drag Racing results

Results from the MASTERS Racing Circuit Uphill Drag Race Saturday at Marquette Mountain:

Top Gun Feature:

  1. Chris Nordang (Iron River)
  2. John Mihelich (Mohawk)
  3. Troy Frederich (Thief River Falls, Minn.)
  4. Jerry Buschell (Lake Linden)

Nordang also won the Top Gun Points Championship for 2013

Open Mod:

  1. Chris Nordang
  2. Louis Goldbach (Iron River)
  3. Jim Storti (Iron River)

Mod 800:

  1. Louis Goldbach
  2. Chris Nordang
  3. Jerry Buschell

Mod 700:

  1. Jerry Buschell

Mod 600:

  1. Shay Thompson (Negaunee)

Stock 600:

  1. Derek Peterson (Atlantic Mine)

Stock 700:

  1. Derek Peterson

Open Stock:

  1. Derek Peterson

Stock 800:

  1. Shay Thompson

Mod 500:

  1. Victoria Hawley (Skandia)

120 CC Classes (Kids ages 3-9)

Mod Class:

  1. Keegan Boggetto (Bessemer)

Stock 120 CC :

  1. Carter La Cosse (Champion)

The snowmobile event was sponsored by the Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau, Marquette Holiday Inn and Pat’s Motorsports of Greenland.