Getting some ‘air’ at Marquette Mountain

It was ‘fun in the sun’ Friday at the Marquette Mountain Ski Hill.   Nothing like this has ever been set up at Marquette Mountain.  The giant airbag provides a soft landing and was getting – and giving – quite a workout today.  Anyone trying it out had to first walk halfway up the hill.

The air bag is set up just for the weekend.  It’s a safer – and softer – way for snowboarders to try out their skills as they practice jumps, trick and landings.  Skiers can also try out the air bag. Helmets are required…and there is an additional charge for the air bag. It’s part of the Super Park this weekend.

If you’re planning to ski Marquette Mountain this season, your days are numbered:  the last day for skiing is set for Sunday, April 7th.