Hancock’s fire history revisted

Fires are a part of any city’s history…both destroying and leading to new building at the same time.  ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen takes a look at how Hancock’s fiery history has helped shaped the city into what it is today.



Dozens gathered at the Hancock Fire Hall for a presentation on the history of fires in the city.   The event was part of Hancock’s year-round Sesquicentennial celebration of the city’s 150th anniversary.

Hancock Fireman Mark Dennis told many stories of fires in the city’s past…perhaps none so famous as the great fire of 1869.

The fires are an integral part of Hancock’s history…not because of the devastation that resulted from them…but for what came afterward.

The next Hancock Sesquicentennial event is the Gala Dinner at the MTU Memorial Union Ballroom on April 12th.