NIT brings back former U.P. player


Commitment is a word that is used hand in hand when talking about sports. There is no questioning the commitment of one former U.P. high school basketball player.

Kenya Oas, who graduated from Munising last year, was back in the U.P. last night to play in the Negaunee Invitational Basketball Tournament.

Oas is a freshman on the Muskegon Community College Men’s Basketball team. He drove six hours yesterday to play in the game.  Oas plays on a team put together by Zack Marshall, who played high school basketball at Negaunee.

Oas just completed his freshman season at M.C.C. He averaged ten points and four rebounds per game while playing twenty seven to thirty minutes each game for the Jayhawks.

Oas will be back at M.C.C. next season for his sophomore year. M.C.C finished the season with a 14-14 record.