Title IX impact discussed at NMU

Four women who have had their work and their lives impacted by Title IX legislation shared  stories at in a panel discussion at Northern Michigan University Thursday night.

The discussion was hosted by the Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center.   The panelists included: Barb Patrick, a retired NMU coach and Assistant Athletic Director; Jamie Tuma, Marquette Senior High School Athletic Director; Rebecca Mead, NMU History Professor; and Cindy Paavola, NMU Communications and Marketing Director.

The panelists discussed the history of Title IX, and the impact of Title IX at NMU.

Patrick described how in 1976, the men’s hockey team was formed at northern.  The team was given $25,000, while women’s sports only had a $4,000 budget.

There was also discussion about the current status of compliance with Title IX at Upper Peninsula schools, and how Title IX has impacted women’s sports in a positive way.

Mead said, however, one part where women are lacking in sports are in head coaching positions, but they do make up almost 50% of assistant coaching positions.

The Title IX roundtable discussion was hosted in conjunction with the Beaumier Center’s current exhibit “U.P. Power”, about high school sports in Upper Michigan.