MI House education reform bills

A committee of the Michigan House of Representatives now has two bills in front of it to reform the Michigan Merit Curriculum for high school students.

The bills would allow more flexibility to pursue vocational education.

State Representative Ed McBroom of Vulcan wrote one of the bills.

His bill would create additional options to meet graduation requirements in math and science, among other things.

The other bill, written by a downstate lawmaker, would allow for the option of a personalized curriculum to meet students’ individual goals and needs.

State Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba supports the idea of reforming the Merit Curriculum.

He says that’s especially true since the Merit Curriculum was put in place¬† in 2006, when he was in the house.

Casperson says he’s long been opposed to the idea that a four-year degree should be a one-size-fits-all end goal for all K-through-12 students.

McBroom and lawmakers of both parties introduced the bills last week at a news conference in downstate Jackson.

The bills are in front of the Michigan House Education Committee for consideration.