Probation officer honored as “Drug Court Hero”

Marquette County District Court Probation Officer Mary Mantyla was named a Michigan Drug Court Hero by the Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals at their annual conference in Lansing on March 13.

The statewide award is given to professionals who contribute to the success of Drug Courts in a remarkable way.  This award is a testament to her commitment to the program and the clients of the program.

Mantyla has been a probation officer since 1988.  She was one of the founding members of the Marquette County Sobriety Court formed in 2004.  She was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the program and serves as the probation agent for many of the participants.

Over the years she has improved and enhanced the services offered by the Sobriety Court in numerous ways.  She saw a need for a sense of community among the Sobriety Court participants, so she created a support group.  She saw a barrier to the cost of frequent alcohol testing, so she arranged for her department to do daily PBTs at no cost.

The specialty court recently expanded to include a felony level program within the Circuit Court; she has been innovative and effective at finding solutions for many problems encountered during this expansion.

The Circuit Court Judge, Hon. Jennifer Mazzuchi recently stated, “Mary truly embraces the Drug Court concepts and is an invaluable member of our team.  She deserves recognition as a Drug Court Hero.”