Plateau Tuition Plan at MTU

Michigan Tech has announced a move to a ‘plateau tuition plan’ for undergraduates, beginning with the fall 2013 semester. The decision to adopt the plan was made by the University’s Financial Data Group after a thorough analysis.

The plateau will be set at 12-18 credit hours, meaning undergraduates will pay a flat rate for a course load ranging from 12 to 18 credit hours. In fall 2011, full time undergraduate students on average took 14.7 credits per semester. In fall 2012, the average was 14.6.
The dollar amount of the plateau tuition will be determined at the May meeting of Michigan Tech’s Board of Control, when the Board will set tuition rates for the coming year.

The plateau plan does not apply to graduate-level tuition.

Tech joins five other state universities in Michigan which have already have adopted plateau tuition plans. They are Northern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University and Lake Superior State University.