Medical music in Marquette

If you think of what an office building or any sort of medical setting may sound like, elevator music may come to mind.

But that’s not what the Peninsula Medical Center in Marquette often sounds like.

Marquette percussionist Carrie Biolo has performed all over the world.

She also plays with the Marquette Symphony Orchestra.

Marquette singer Kirsten Gustafson joined her for a lunchtime performance in the medical center for anyone who might want to listen.

The building’s atrium hosts weekday musical performances from time to time.

The idea came about after a former Northern Michigan University president visited Minnesota.

Biolo says former NMU president John Jamrich snuck into the atrium of the Mayo Clinic to play music there about twenty-five years ago and thought music in a medical setting would be worth having in Marquette as well.

Many of the clinics and medical practices in the Peninsula Medical building sponsor the atrium music performances.