Change your clock and battery

Daylight Savings Time is about to begin for the year.

We’ll all have to set our clocks ahead an hour on Saturday night.

And it’s also a perfect time of the year to practice some good fire safety habits.

Fire departments around the country say Daylight Savings Time and fire safety go hand in hand.

Marquette Fire Department Fire Inspector Paul Enrietti says that each time we reset our clocks is also a good time to check the condition of smoke detectors and make sure they’re working properly.

Enrietti says that if you have small children at home, this is also a good time to teach them what a smoke detector does.

The Marquette Fire Department recommends having a working smoke alarm in several specific places.

Every bedroom and every hallway should have one, and the basement should also have one.

Enrietti also says a smoke detector that’s more than ten years old is too old to be reliable and should be replaced.