Michigan official state slug petition

A Marquette resident has started a petition to have the state of Michigan recognize an official state slug.

Larry Buege wants the fictional amorous spotted slug to become the Michigan state slug.

He says Michigan already has the Petoskey Stone as an official state stone and Kalkaska Sand as an official state soil, but it doesn’t have an official anything that recognizes the Upper Peninsula.

Buege also says the recognition could bring tourism dollars to the U.P.

He says according to Forbes magazine, Roswell, New Mexico has nothing to attract tourists except for little green men and it rakes in millions each year.

Buege also says the Loch Ness Monster legend brings its area the equivalent of $40 million per year.

The petition will be circulated around the U.P. in the coming weeks.

It can also be signed at Wild Birds Unlimited in Marquette Township, and it’s online, too.

You can sign it by clicking here.