USOEC Intrasquad meet results

Courtesy of the USOEC

MARQUETTE, Mich.—United States Olympic Education Center weightlifters competed in the third-annual intrasquad Thunderdome Championship tonight (Feb. 25) at Northern Michigan University’s Superior Dome.

Kendra Miller of Plainwell, Mich., was named the outstanding female lifter for the meet. Miller, who competed in the 58-kilogram weight class, successfully cleared all six of her lifts and improved her clean and jerk record by 10 kg since recently dropping a weight class. Miller’s top lifts were 57 kg in the snatch and 85 kg in the clean and jerk for a 142-kg total.

“I’m happy with my results today,” said Miller. “I’m in the hardest part of my training cycle right now, so lifting clean and earning a new personal best in the clean and jerk was nice.”
Outstand male lifter recognition went to Chris Lenahen of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

Lenahen lifted in the 105-kg weight class, missing only one of his six lifts. Lenahen’s best lift in the snatch was 120 kg and his top lift in the clean and jerk was 145 kg for a 265-kg total.

Lenahen was happy with his progression since having knee surgery seven months ago.
“I hit my goals for the night,” said Lenahen. “I was happy with how I felt. I should be back on track for the University Nationals in April.”

With the completion of the meet, all USOEC weightlifters now have qualifying totals to enter the University Championships April 4-7 in Johnson City, Tenn.

Nine other NMU students and USOEC resident athletes also competed. Lifting at 53 kg was Holly O’Dovero (Marquette, Mich.) with a 123-kg total. Ryan Borges (Bradenton, Fla.) lifted a 219-kg total at 62 kg. Lifting at 77 kg was Max Cretcher (Rochester Hills, Mich.) with a 237-kg total. At 85 kg was Chris Young (Oakland, Mich.) with a 255-kg total and Kyle LaJoye (Marquette, Mich.) with a 205-kg total. Brian Budd (Okemos, Mich.) lifted a 241-kg total and Levi Hoffman (Morenci, Mich.) lifted a 251-kg total at 94 kg. Lifting at 105 kg were Brennen Jaquint (Evansville, Wis.) with a 261-kg total and Andrew Wener (Munising, Mich.) with a 223-kg total.

Competing alongside the USOEC resident team members were athletes from the Northern Michigan University Weightlifting Club.

Club members Dinele Stewart and Jarynn Stewart of Marquette, Mich., both lifted qualifying totals that will earn them entry into the National Youth Championships this June.

Jarynn Stewart, who lifted at 53 kg, had a best snatch of 36 kg and a 46-kg lift in the clean and jerk for an 82-kg total.

Lifting at 58 kg, Dinele Stewarts’ best snatch was 36 kg and her best clean and jerk was 50 kg for an 86-kg total.

Six other club members also competed. Lifting at 48 kg was Britta Carlson (Peshtigo, Wis.) with an 88-kg total. In the 58-kg weight class, Taylor Hager (Fargo, N.D.) lifted a 90-kg total and Isabella Dehring (Marquette, Mich.) lifted a total of 84 kg. In the 105-kg weight class was Jimmy Grego (Arlington Heights, Ill.) lifting a total of 190 kg.