MASTERS Racing Circuit inducts 2 into “Web of Fame”


The Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers, known as the MASTERS Racing Circuit, inducted the first two members into its’ “Web of Fame.”  This includes the Circuit’s All-Time King of the Hill winner in its Hillclimb Series and a driver who competed in MASTERS Racing Circuit Snowmobile Hillclimbs, Snowmobile Drag Races, and HilKross Competition.
Alan Turin of Greenland, Michigan won more MASTERS Pro Stock King of the Hill and Pro Mod King of the Hill ‘Shoot-outs’ than any driver in the Circuit’s 20+ years of sanctioning professional snowmobile hillclimbs.  Turin competed throughout the 1990’s and into the start of the new century.  Turin took the top Hillclimb honors at Copper Peak and Whealkate Bluff for 4 straight years. 
“The question was never whether Al (Turin) would win one or both of the King shoot-outs, it was who was going to give him the best run,” commented MASTERS Racing Circuit President and Founder, Skip Schulz.
Turin predominantly ran Polaris Snowmobiles, however he was also one of the first to professionally run the Yamaha 4-Stroke at a MASTERS Snowmobile Hillclimb.
Currently, the closest MASTERS Racing Circuit driver to Turin’s run of King of the Hill’s is Wyler, “Wild Man,” Miller, of Pelkie, Michigan.  Ironically, it was Wyler Miller that was the first driver to defeat Turin for King of the Hill honors.  Miller, just recently won the Pro Mod King of the Hill at the Mid America Championship Hillclimb in Caspian, Michigan on February 16.
The other ‘charter’ member of the MASTERS “Web of Fame” is Paul Voelker.  Voelker is from Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.  Voelker was one of the first MASTERS Racing Circuit Snowmobile Hillclimbers to qualify for the World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyoming.  While this life-long Ski-Doo driver was one of the top Hillclimbers, Voelker dominated in the Uphill Snow Drags in the early 1990’s.
“While Uphill Snow Drags have become popular the past few years, the MASTERS was fortunate to have a working relationship with a Snowmobile Club, Snowmobile Dealer, and Marquette Mountain to be a part of this March-April form of Snowmobile racing.  It was at those races that Voelker dominated!”  commented Schulz.
With the popularity of the Marquette Mountain Uphill Drags, the MASTERS then started running HilKross Races in conjunction with the Uphill Drags. 
“Since Paul (Voelker)  had been doing so well in the Hillclimb and the Drag portion of the MASTERS Racing Circuit, it was no surprise to see him (Paul Voelker) also give HilKross a try…and he did well in that also!”  explained Schulz.
While Voelker showed his versatility in the different forms of racing that the MASTERS Racing Circuit ran, it was his efforts in helping fellow racers that got him the MASTERS Racing Circuit “Spirit” Award for a number of years.  The “Spirit” Award was voted upon by the drivers to go to a driver that displayed the best sportsmanship on and off the track.
The MASTERS Racing Circuit has organized, promoted, and/or sanctioned Snowmobile Hillclimbs, Snowmobile “Snow” Drags, Snowmobile “Ice” Drags, Sno-Cross, HilKross, and Snowmobile Watercross races.  The MASTERS also ran ATV Super Challenges, and ATV/Truck XTreme Challenges.  The circuit actually started as the Mid America Snowmobile Tournament of Expert Riders, and when the MASTERS started doing summer ATV and Truck competition, the MASTERS changed to the Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers Circuit.  The MASTERS is looking at locations to run Motorcycle Hillclimbs and XTreme Challenges in the summer months.
“While we will diversify to run ATV, Truck, and Motorcycle events in the summer, we will never lose focus of what started us and has kept us going for longer then most race circuits in the Midwest…and that is Snowmobile racing.  That is Snowmobile Hillclimbs and Snowmobile “Snow” Drags,” concluded Schulz.
The MASTERS will hold a Snow Drag at the Iron County (MI) Airport, located between Crystal Falls, Michigan, and Florence, WI.  Those Snow Drags will be on March 2nd.  Then the Circuit will run Uphill Drags at Big Powderhorn Mountain, outside of Bessemer, Michigan, on Saturday, March 30th.  On Sunday, March 31st, the MASTERS will sanction it’s final Snowmobile Hillclimb of the season at Big Powderhorn Mtn.  The MASTERS will conclude it’s season on Saturday, April 6th, at Marquette Mountain, outside of Marquette, Michigan.
The “Web of Fame” inductees is on the MASTERS Website;