DNR frog & toad survey

Most Michigan residents know that the DNR has to spend a great deal of time and attention monitoring deer and moose.

But many people may not know that the DNR also keeps track of many other kinds of animal life.

The DNR’s Wildlife Division has conducted a statewide frog and toad survey every year since 1996.

The agency is looking for volunteers to help collect the information, and help is especially needed in the eastern Upper Peninsula.

Volunteer observers visit specific sites three times during the spring.

They listen for frogs and toads, identify the species that they find and estimate their numbers.

The survey is one of the projects paid for by sales of Michigan wildlife conservation license plates.

If you’re interested in joining the survey, the DNR is asking you to contact nongame wildlife biologist Lori Sargent with your name and address.

Sargent’s phone number is (517) 373-9418, and her e-mail address is SargentL@michigan.gov .