Robotics Club presents to school board

The Negaunee High School Robotics Club gave a special presentation to the school board Monday night.

The robotics club is in its first year of existence at Negaunee High School, and currently has nine members.  They showed off their robot that will be used in their first competition. The competition takes place at the beginning of March.

Negaunee Public School Superintendent Jim Derocher said the board is glad to see the excitement in the students eyes as they participate in the club.  “It’s (the club) something that they want to do, and it’s after school.  It’s something they can use after they graduate,” he said.

The school board also discussed the school district’s recently released MEAP scores.  All but three of the MEAP testing scores saw improvement from last year.  Derocher said they will use the scores to find ways to help improve the scores in  years to come.  He added that that Negaunne Public Schools are doing very well compared to other schools locally and in the state.

“(The scores) are a reflection upon our community, and our teaching staff,” Derocher said.  “They take great pride with what they do in the classroom.  And to be able to have students excel on the tests is great for the students, and for the staff.”

The school board also approved purchasing two new school buses for the 2013-2014 school year.