Preps underway for Rail Jam in Marquette

All eyes are on the weather this weekend as Marquette hosts two major events: the 24th running of the U.P 200 and a first–time skateboard and snowboard competition. Members of the Northern Michigan University Constructors are helping out with the Downtown Rail Jam this weekend.

The group is putting the finishing touches on a 16 foot ‘butter box’ ramp.  The Compound Ski Shop in Marquette gave the group a basic sketch that included the dimensions for the project.  The ramp is designed to look like the Ore Dock in Marquette.

Plywood, plastic and metal will make ramp durable for snowboarders.  Seven members of the constructors group have been working on the project.

The ramp will be used for rail jams in the future.  It’s in two separate parts, making it easier to move.  The group will be moving the ramp downtown Friday night.