Y.M.C.A has new labels for young swimmers

Swimming is a great way to get exercise in the wintertime that does not involve braving cold.  There are some changes at the Y.M.C.A of Marquette County involving young people and the pool area.

Kids under a certain height are tagged as a proficient swimmer, or a non–swimmer.  Lifeguards then keep an extra eye out for the wristbands of the non–swimmers.  The change took effect in January, but it had been planned since September.

Child swimmers that have an actively engaged adult in the pool with them do not need a wristband.  That includes kids in the parent and child swim classes, for ages three and under.

The kids who do make it into the pool either get familiar with the water in the first place, or learn safety skills for when they get out to the lakes, ponds and rivers in the summer.