Archbishop Sample responds to Pope’s resignation

The Diocese of Marquette released the following statement from Archbishop Alezander Sample this morning regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI:

“Along with all Catholics throughout the world, I woke up this morning to the stunning news that our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has made the historically momentous decision to resign his office as the Bishop of Rome and Successor to St. Peter the Apostle.

I receive this news with a certain personal sadness, as I have a great affection for Pope Benedict XVI.  He appointed me to be a bishop here in the Diocese of Marquette and now the new Archbishop of Portland.  I have met him on several occasions and have always been struck by his kindness and gentle humility.  I have been inspired by his steadfast and faithful leadership of the Universal Church.

I have great admiration for him as he makes this very difficult and humble decision to step down from the office of Supreme Pastor of the Church.  He clearly recognizes that his strength of mind and body as he ages is no longer adequate to sustain him in such an important ministry.  I have no doubt that he came to this decision through much prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit.

We now entrust the election of a new Pope to the same Holy Spirit.  This is Christ’s Church, and I have faith and trust that he will raise up a new Holy Father according to his own Sacred Heart.  I pray for Pope Benedict XVI.  May God be good to him and sustain him in his loving care.” …. Archbishop Alexander Sample