Mqt. DPW asks for no snow tunnels

The Marquette Department of public works department is asking city residents to make snowplowing safer for not only city crews, but also for kids.

The DPW wants people to not build snow tunnels or forts underneath snowbanks on the sides of roads.

Plow drivers and snow removal crews may not be able to see children playing in the snowbanks.

Cave-ins are also possible.

DPW assistant superintendent Eric Stemen says they also want kids to not do any sledding on hills that slope down toward city streets.

He says if children on any such hills should skid too far and end up in a road, drivers often can’t stop in time to avoid hitting them.

The DPW also actively searches for snow tunnels.

They say they found a very large one within the last week in the residential neighborhood near McCarty’s Cove.