MDOT working on U.S. 2 near Ironwood

February 7, 2012— To make traffic signals at the US-2/Country Club Road intersection near Ironwood more visible to motorists, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is making improvements to signals and signs at the intersection.

MDOT is adding low-level signal heads to the existing signal poles for both eastbound and westbound traffic. Crews also will add back-plates with a retro-reflective border to the low-level signals to make the traffic lights more visible both day and night, and easier to see against background trees or in bright sunlight. MDOT is scheduled to make the changes on Wednesday, Feb. 13, weather permitting.

Previous improvements included removing trees to improve sight distance and installing larger advance-warning signs. The signals have been programmed to allow the longest duration for yellow and red phases permitted.

“Even with these improvements, drivers shouldn’t try to ‘beat the red’ at this intersection,” said Mike Premo, MDOT Crystal Falls Transportation Service Center (TSC) manager. “Motorists should remember to stop for the yellow light unless they are too close to the intersection to stop safely.”

Premo said this intersection is operating as a typical rural signalized intersection. MDOT will continue to monitor the intersection to determine whether any other changes would benefit motorists. Premo said MDOT does not plan to install flashing warning beacons in advance of the intersection.