Suspect flees from snowmobile accident

UPDATE:  The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department is now looking downstate for a suspect who fled from the scene of a snowmobile accident on Saturday night.

The Sheriff’s Department says they contacted a police department downstate, and are giving the department a few days to try and track the man.


The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department is trying to locate a man who failed to report a snowmobile accident, and for reckless operation.

The snowmobile accident occurred at 8:20 p.m. Saturday night on Trail No. 2 in Doyle Township.

According to deputies, two snowmobile operators were approaching each other from different directions and collided on a corner.

Witnesses report that the two drivers, both men, were thrown from their machines.  Both men were uninjured.

One driver, who reported the accident, said his snowmobile suffered heavy damage.

Deputies are currently working on locating the second snowmobile operator.  He left the scene before the accident was reported.  The man is now considered a suspect for not reporting the incident and reckless operation.

Michigan law requires “the operator of a snowmobile involved in an accident resulting in injuries or the death of any person or property damage in an estimated about of $100.00 or more shall immediately by the quickest means of communication notify a State Police Officer or Officers, and the Sheriff’s Office of the county in which the accident occurred.”