Missing cow found, returned to farm

A frozen pizza delivery truck driver played a key role in finding a pregnant cow that escaped from a farm near Iron Mountain 10 days ago.    According to the owners of Amazing Grace, Bob and Carol Pilot, the driver saw the cow walking on the road in Florence County, Wisconsin on Saturday.

“Amazing Grace” is the same breed as the cow pictured.

The Pilots lots say Amazing Grace, a blonde cow, is recuperating at their farm just north of Iron Mountain.   Carol Pilot told ABC 10, “After traveling through three counties and two states, she is in our barn recuperating.  We did have to tranquilize her and we will have to wait for the next 48 hours to see if she will pull through this ordeal.”

The cow, who had been roaming around in dangerously cold weather without adequate food or shelter, is carrying a calf.  The family says they don’t yet know the fate of her calf.

Amazing Grace was spooked by a horse on the Pilot’s farm January 26.  She broke through a fence and took off.  The Pilots – and other volunteers – tracked the cow, but lost track of her.  They were worried coyotes or wolves would harm her.

So, to all those who looked for – or prayed for the safe return of – Amazing Grace, the Pilot family says “Thank You!”