Lesson on health and wellness

The physical well-being and health of the U.P.’s children is getting attention.  Michigan ranks fifth in the nation for obesity and one of three Michigan children are obese.

February is ‘Student Wellness Month’ for Negaunee Public Schools.  Lakeview Elementary is involving students in many physical activities, as well as encouraging them to keep active and healthy.  Today they hit the Negaunee High School pool.

Physical Education teacher Lisa Bigalk says it is a very important part of trying to encourage the students to get involved in different activities, “and we want to expose them to different activities so hopefully they find some lifelong sports or activities they would be interested in and continuing for the rest of their life to help them keep well and healthy.”

Ice skating, sledding, and snow–shoeing are some of the other activities planned for the month. Lakeview is also having health lessons for the students that involve personal safety, general health and other topics.