Health board discusses flu

The Marquette County Board of Health had their first meeting of the year Wednesday night.

One item on the agenda that was addressed was the flu.  Flu cases in Marquette County may have already peaked, but there have still been plenty of cases in the area.  There is less testing done later in the flu season, so numbers in the area may be lower compared to actual cases.  There has been less people in the hospital, but that is due to people being able to address flu-like symptoms sooner.

Flu season still has a few weeks left.  It is still recommended that if you are concerned about getting the flu to still get a vaccine, especially if you are elderly.  The flu vaccine takes about two weeks to take full effect.

The Board of Health also had news that Tri-Media Consulting will no longer be cleaning up meth labs in the county due to costs.  The consulting firm was not taking in a profit from cleaning the meth labs.  The county will now have to look at businesses downstate to clean up meth labs.