New diet program at Curves

If you have had weight loss as a New Year’s Resolution, you have probably found out by now that diet alone usually is not enough.

Exercise is essential.  And some encouragement along the way helps, too.

The Curves Complete program is being rolled out nationally this month.  It includes exercise, customized diet plans, and coaching wrapped into one program.

Curves of Marquette has already been involved in the program for almost a year.

Diane O’Boyle, owner of Curves of Marquette, says quite a few women at Curves have tried the Curves Complete program.  They have become more fit, and one client has lost 80 pounds.

The staff at Curves of Marquette say the cost is about what many other programs charge for diet alone.  They say nearly 100% of the weight lost is body fat.  Muscle tissue is typically up to 30% of the weight lost with diet alone.