Delta Green Integrator launches

Ongoing efforts by the Delta County Economic Development Alliance and the Delta County Airport to structure a unique positioning initiative for the County and the UP have culminated today with the official launch of the Delta Green Integrator, a new marine and aerospace cluster.

Delta Green Integrator will focus on the lightweighting of parts, sub-systems and systems, and refurbishment in the marine and aerospace sectors. But the notion of green will also extend to more durable parts and components and more recyclable parts and components at the end of life of the equipment. The cluster encompasses seven technology, engineering and manufacturing companies from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

“Delta Green was created to bring new opportunities, new connections, and new jobs centered on green marine and aerospace integration. What once started as a strategic plan is now coming to fruition. We continue to be impressed by the level of commitment and ingenuity displayed by all the partners involved in moving this economic development project forward in our beautiful waterfront community,” said Vicki Schwab, Director of the Delta County Economic Development Alliance.

“We are very excited to see such a group of companies joining together, bridging their strengths and capabilities and developing a project that will allow for the growth, retention and new business attraction for all involved. Delta County’s long term commitment and dedication to the aerospace and marine integrator project started in 2002 with the developing of the Renaissance Zone at the Delta County Airport.  We are confident this venture will bring economic growth and prosperity to our area,” according to Thomas E. Elegeert, Chairman of the Delta County Board of Directors.

According to the Delta County Economic Development Alliance, marine and aerospace manufacturers worldwide continue to look to their suppliers to come up with lighter, more environmentally friendly parts and components that will reduce the weight of aircraft and ships, thus reducing fuel consumption. At the same time, these manufacturers are looking to reduce the in-service (maintenance) cost by extending the product lifecycle of the main parts/components sub-systems and systems.

Delta Green Integrator will first address the marine sector by developing unique and privileged relationships with shipbuilding yards in the Great Lakes region. With multiple shipyards within a few hours’ drive, Delta Green Integrator is looking to provide turnkey services and to strengthen the Wisconsin/Michigan marine cluster and supply chain. The aerospace sector will be addressed in a second phase of cluster development by focusing on aircraft interior parts and sub-systems.

Delta County and neighboring counties are host to a number of well-equipped precision machining companies that have the size, know-how, skills and competencies to play a leadership role in the aerospace and marine supply chain. Some of these companies are already very active in greener technologies and green R&D.

Delta Green Integrator encompasses seven Upper Peninsula-based technology, engineering and manufacturing companies with a common vision. Current members are: The Oldenburg Group International (Kingsford); Basic Marine (Escanaba); Creative Composites (Rapid River); GS Engineering and Great Lakes Sound & Vibration (GLSV), (Houghton); Blanchard and Associates (McMillan); and Acuren (Iron Mountain).The cluster welcomes companies that can bring added value to the overall capabilities portfolio of the group.

Delta County Economic Development Alliance has been working closely with aerospace and economic development consulting firm, Explorer Solutions, to help identify and define business opportunities and develop an industry cluster around these opportunities.

Christian Perreault is Senior Partner of Explorer Solutions.  He said, “I’m proud of the companies who have made the commitment to join the Delta Green Integrator. Starting a cluster from the ground up is not an easy task and I raise my hat to these business leaders who have seen the value of working as a team.”

Perreault added, “In today’s world, all industry sectors are highly competitive and major manufacturers are looking for ways of streamlining their supply chain while providing innovative solutions at the right price to their customers. Delta Green assembles a team of companies with unique capabilities that can meet these challenges. The added value of the cluster is that by bridging the competencies and skill sets of each of the companies, we become more attractive to major manufacturers while fostering growth and expansion at a faster pace.”

Delta Green Integrator is headquartered at Delta County Airport, 3300 Airport Rd. Escanaba, MI. The new website for Delta Green is