Commission discusses Marquette harbor

Improving Marquette’s Senior Center and harbor was the focus of the Marquette City Commission meeting on Monday.

At the meeting, the commissioners had a presentation from the Harbor Advisory Committee.  Commissioner Don Ryan said the harbor is a big issue because the harbor is a main asset to Marquette.  He added that the city wants to continue to see the harbor be a community and family friendly area.

The Presque Isle Marina is in need of repair and maintenance, and there is an option for more facilities.  Ryan said the development of the waterfront is important to the city, because the waterfront is what Marquette is all about.

There was also a presentation about the Marquette  Senior Care Facility.  The senior care facility has not had very many upgrades since it was first built in the 1970’s.  The plan highlighted improving almost every aspect of the center, including it making it more accessible, improving parking and improving the lobby.