Benishek addresses gun issue

WASHINGTON, DC: Dr. Dan Benishek (MI-01) has sent a joint letter to President Barack Obama to express his concern that the viewpoints of America’s many law-abiding firearm owners were not taken into consideration in the president’s plan to pursue sweeping new control measures.

“I oppose the Obama Administration’s plan to limit the Second Amendment rights of law abiding gun owners in Northern Michigan. Attacking our constitutional rights will not make our society any safer. We must ensure that citizens in Northern Michigan—and throughout this nation—have the ability to protect themselves and their families,” said Dr. Benishek, an avid sportsman, gun owner and lifelong resident of Northern Michigan.

The letter, signed by 76 other Members of Congress, expresses concern that the viewpoints of millions of firearm owners across America were not considered by the Administration’s anti-violence task force when developing its new gun control proposals. The task force, led by Vice President Joe Biden, announced on January 14 that its proposals, which include enacting a ban on common types of semi-automatic rifles based on whether they are menacing looking or not and limits on ammunition clips.

“Like many Americans, I believe we need to have a national conversation about ways to prevent violence in our society. But I don’t believe this is done by disarming good people. As a doctor, I believe we need to look at mental health issues in this country. I think we can make important steps to stop criminals from hurting innocent people without taking away anyone’s Second Amendment rights,” added Dr. Benishek.

The letter sent to President Obama, reads in part: “While some may suggest an answer of more laws and fewer guns, millions of other Americans, want an increased ability to protect themselves and their families. As we remember the victims of Sandy Hook, let us not overlook the many citizen heroes who have prevented or thwarted similar tragedies with their right to bear arms. Whether it is the convenience store clerk from Battle Creek, Michigan who protected himself and his customers from a robbery because he was armed with a gun, or a single mom guarding her baby during a home invasion– guns are used every day to make this country safer.”