National Pie Day

For many Americans, trying to lose some weight was one of the top New Year’s resolutions.

But today may have made sticking to a diet a hard task.

Each year, the American Pie Council celebrates National Pie Day on January 23rd.

Whether you’re a fan of apple, cherry or even rhubarb pie, at Marquette Baking Company the ‘pie-sibilities’ are endless.

Marquette Baking Company pastry chef Rosemary Fields says they can bake any pie that you can dream up, such as a lemon meringue that she made today on a special order.

She says she especially enjoys baking chocolate cream pies.

Pie-loving Americans certainly have their pick of pies, especially with more than 230 different varieties of apples.

But according to the American Pie Council and the folks at the bakery, one pie that stands out above the rest.

Fields says pumpkin pies seem to be the most popular variety among their customers, and she says it may be because of the fresh whipped cream topping that has vanilla bean in it.