Energy on Tap! held in Marquette

Marquette area residents had an opportunity to learn about ways to make their homes more energy efficient Wednesday night.

The Superior Watershed Partnership and Marquette Area Jaycess hosted Energy on Tap! at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

Guests were able to listen to local energy experts on how to make their homes more energy efficient year round.  All representatives were from Marquette County, including Northern Energy Solutions, Home Evaluation Services and Michigan Energy Options.

Natasha Koss, Program Manager of the Superior Watershed Foundation, said the event wanted to highlight simple things people can do to save on utility costs and make their homes feel more comfortable.

Energy on Tap! also wanted to give homeowners options for major home improvements, such as new window and doors, and picking out the right type of insulation.

There was also a chance to talk to the Marquette BetterBuildings for Michigan.  Koss said the program is available to all Marquette County residents, and helps people understand effective uses for energy and ways to keep energy costs down.  People who participate in the BetterBuildings for Michigan program can get a home energy assessment and comprehensive report that outlines things they can do in their homes to utilize energy.  To join the program, there is more information on their website,