Wolf protection petition drive

Wolf hunting has been illegal in michigan for nearly 50 years, but Governor Rick Snyder recently signed a bill into law adding wolves to the list of game species in the state.

The new law allows the DNR to decide if the state should have a wolf hunting season.

A Michigan group is trying to overturn the new law.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected held a meeting in Marquette on Sunday.

The group says while the Michigan wolf population has gone up in recent years to nearly 700, there aren’t enough of them to merit a hunting season.

Jill Fritz, the president of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, says a wolf season would merely be trophy hunting since humans don’t eat wolves.

She says wolves would be subjected to inhumane treatments like shooting or getting caught in steel-jawed leghold traps.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is trying to gather enough petition signatures to place a ballot question repealing the new law in front of Michigan voters in November 2014.

It’s already legal in Michigan to kill wolves that attack livestock or dogs.